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Today is Wednesday. I am amazed as I stand back and think about the day of the week – how are the days flying by so fast? Where’s the slow down button?

I think the answer to that question comes in the form of Squeakers.

She is doing better so far. She can stand up and eat her food – herself – as long as we are close by her making sure she is steady. (THANK YOU LORD!!! 😀 LOL.)

What?! It isn’t that I didn’t like to spoon feed her. Whatever she needs – I’m there. But you know…well, gosh darn it…I just get happy about seeing her eat like normal. *grin*

It’s as I said the other day – when your littl’ doggy is not feeling good, it makes you feel as if there’s a baby in the house. Routines and plans have to be adjusted. But it will work out – and it’s worth it. I’m just really glad she is on the topside of the crazy past 2 weeks.

At present, I am trying extremely hard to get caught back up in my college classes (My dog took first priority people!)

So far, I’m doing pretty good. Hopefully by the start of next week I’ll be even with the suggested schedules.

For now, I’m drinking loads of coffee whilst trying to develop my first C++ program (how cool is that?). This isn’t my major, but the course is required.

Honestly, I’ve been interested in the computer programming part of things for years. Part of that interest stems from my enjoyment of computer games.

Although, I’m still a little groggy about which languages are used to write some of my favorite computer games (like Tomb Raider, Nancy Drew, Lode Runner, or even the likes of DS games), but at the very least, I’m learning about a few things that have been abstract in my head for a while.

Have you ever coded in a computer language? Tell me about it! What do you like about?

If you are reading this and you actually design software, what languages do you use? And why do you like that language over others?

I look forward to hearing your input.

Well, it’s back to the compiler for me.

Catch ya on the flip side. And until next time,
Keep Living4Real 😉