It’s true. This week my sweetheart hasn’t been up to par. Honestly, when your doggy isn’t feeling good, it can be just like having a baby in the house. And everything get’s put on hold.

This week was also the start of the first term in the New Year. But it flew by me without me hardly noticing it. Syllabus read and paperwork printed out, but my doggy was first priority – which brings me back to the title.

As squirt’s equilibrium is slowly leveling back out, it hasn’t been easy to stand up. SO, when a dog can’t eat over their dish, guess what us humans have to do? Yep, feed ’em their food with a spoon. I thought it was brilliant. And my dog has one upped your doggy ’cause they’ve eaten out of a Wendy’s spoon.

Now, that doesn’t sound too difficult – but the thing is, doggies have fur under their chins, so when their head isn’t level and they are a bit crooked as they lick up their food, they start to wear their doggy kibble. lol..well, I say that like they are the only ones who wear it. My first doggy feeding attempt saw that squirt and I both wore a great deal of the water/food mixture.

My only positive pearl of wisdom – if you ever find yourself spoon feeding a dog – would be to simply impart a bit of encouragement: you will get better and start to wear less doggy food over time with practice.

How long it will take for this skill to develop varies on a case-by-case basis. 😉