I am amazed that a new years has already begun. In fact, my mouth dropped open when I saw the date on my computer’s desktop calendar.

I’ve been swept up with the wonderful routine-diversion of company since before the new year. So not only did we get to go on holiday, but we brought in the New Year with fun films and finger food that could rival the best NY 5-star restaurant.

A lot occurred during the holidays and I never took the time to blog about it. Part of that stems from the fact that until three days ago, I hadn’t hit the hay before 1 a.m. since Dec 23rd! haha.

I hope to post a few blogs in the next few days talking about the cool stuff that’s been happening. Like how I found the entire Rat Patrol series the other day for 28 bucks. (which is what I’m watching in the background presently.)

I hope your new year is off to a fine start.
Leave a comment if you’d like, I’d enjoy hearing from you and how your new year is going.