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Well, I am presently sitting at my computer – freezing, playing Buffet music whilst drinking the last of my once hot green tea. It is easy for me to believe that the UK is having the “second coldest first week in December…since 1659” and the North Carolina coast is setting up ““a sea turtle hospital” to help the turtles get warm! Even Cancun is dealing with record-breaking lows of 54 degrees…yikes!

My festive spirit has been a wee bit slow in surfacing this year, but we finally watched a few of our top favorite Christmas films. They are helping a lot! Lol.

I’ve had lots going on the past week, but I haven’t felt like writing it all up. A quick recap would look something like this:

  • End of last week: By 9 a.m. we had not only baked and iced a cake, but we had it hidden as well. By 10, presents were wrapped and we hit the road to run a few errands and hit a few early bird sales.
  • Za weekend: Half of the cake was eaten and presents unwrapped. Got out in the crazy weather and shopped for fun in search of an item that seems to be hiding from us. But I cannot say what it is for it is a Christmas present and telling you might just give it away to the wrong person!
  • First part of the week: Santa came by our house –literally! Christmas music and all.

Yesterday was fun. Not having collegiate commitments, I was footloose and fancy-free. I spent most of the day trying to get out of Bolivia. You see, over the weekend I bought two computer games in the Tomb Raider series (2 dollars each. How cool is that :D).

Now, believe it or not— Lode Runner fanatic that I am— I had never played a Tomb Raider adventure before.

As of last night, I finally completed the first part of the game (TR7 Legend) in Bolivia and I have found every reward in the Croft Manor except the gold medal. Between the pool area and the gym in Croft Manor, Lara should be in great shape…’course, she has died a few times and drowned once…but not counting those unfortunate events, she (via my keyboard orders) is starting to jump around like a pro. If only I were jumping and climbing along with her! Haha.

Trying to get to the other topside of the poolroom was a challenge that honestly reminded me of the Nancy Drew game elevator incident. *Light Spoilers* You see, in Nancy Drew: Royal Tower, you have to unlock a door with several bolts. That doesn’t sound complicated does it? Well, add the fact that the rusty bolts are a sequence lock – one that is located at the bottom of an elevator shaft – wherein the elevator will promptly cream you into mashed potatoes in several seconds…and you might see the difficulty that arose and caused my grandmother and me grief for what felt like an eternity. Being totally honest, I would have to say that Nancy had been creamed about 20 times before we got through that darn passageway.

Back to the Tomb Raider game, I’ve found a grand walkthrough site that you should check out if you are doing anything with the TR series. The gal has the site put together extremely well and even has a blog. She’s spurring me on to put a few ND game tutorials on my forthcoming site. And I’m hoping that my joystick will work with the game/computer…and I shall attempt to beat the clock in a Time Trial. Stella has a list for the TR7 in that section of the site. It seems that if you beat the clock for the England Time Trail, you can unlock *drumroll* a bulletproof Lara code. And if you know anything about my gaming history…that’s just what the doc ordered for Lara! hahaha

With that, I shall go back to work…I just wanted to say howdy! Are you guys getting into the Christmas festive mood? Have you put up a tree? Or have you ever played one of the games I’ve talked about? Add your comments below.