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You know how they say the grass is or isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence? Well, jfyi, it can be greener on the flip side – a new day’s dawn.

Last night, I was working on my PHP homework. I was ready to test my code on my local server and guess what? It could not connect with mySQL. AHHHH. I was getting the connection-to-the-socket error that I had issues with when I first installed mySQL. What puzzled me was that it had been working grand earlier and I had already remedied the socket issue weeks ago.

After google searching forums that gave numerous crazy suggestions, I decided to take the advice a family member offered – hit the hay and work on it the next day when I was fresher. Considering that it was pretty late in the night (well, late for a college student such as myself), I turned off my computer (I know, I can hear you gasping at this…but I wanted to start with a clean slate today.) and hit the hay.

Today at breakfast, I announced I was closing my door and would commence working on this afresh. (Not before praying over my computer and for wisdom! :D)

I turned on the computer and used the MAMP widget to fire up the servers – and BINGO – started up just fine. *Wahahaha*

So, the moral of the story – the day, activities…the darn grass…can really, truly be greener…with the dawn of a new day…with the rise of tomorrow’s sun. Just a thought. 😉 (I can be such a poet.)

Onward I say! -> I am working with Functions in PHP. Yay. And I’m freezing. It was 38 degrees when I went outside this morning – what a difference!

I’m delving back into the coding world with El Dorado (John Wayne, James Caan and Robert Mitchum) playing in the background.

Also, I’ve had a song by Switchfoot stuck in my head since yesterday. Check it out (video below)

Switchfoot singing, “Your Love Is A Song” with lyrics.

This gal listened to the song twice and played what she heard. Great instrumental of it. I would enjoy having such an ear for music! haha

Pretty good, no?

Until later,
Keep Living4Real 😉