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Wow. I noticed a few hits this week from where readers found my site from a referred web site – where my link was posted at number one. The pressure is on! I do have some fun re-organization plans for the new year so stay tuned.

In my life at present, the fall term is not over (one final left), but I’ve secured a few hours this week to work on some PHP homework I’m working through (my organizational skills are being refined what can I say).

I’ve never touched PHP before in my life, but after several months of frustration, I realized the reality behind the saying, ‘nothing like the present!’ So with the help of a friend who is an experienced traveler in the world of PHP, I’m slowly working through tutorials and “ah-ha!” moments. (Although if you hear gurgling noises, it’s just me trying to stay afloat! 🙂 )

I’m game and looking forward to what I learn. At the rate I’m printing out tutorials, I might have to make an ink-run to our local office supple store! Haha

So with music in the background and a superb caffeinated coffee/chocolate drink concoction by my side I shall delve back into the database web app world (must remember to sound like a professional 🙂 )

Until next time,
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