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Organization can be an amazing thing if used properly. Saying that, meaning it does not quite take over your life, but it sets it on a positive trajectory. This weekend was testament to organization and goals with a dash of drive. I was able to enjoy a favorite time of year whilst completing the majority of the last part of the current college term. Namely, turning in 4 assignments, reading the last pages of the textbook, and finishing quizzes – all while not getting stressed. *ahhh* The feeling of accomplishment.

I was even able to enjoy getting caught up in two newfound movies – one with an amazing instrumental soundtrack – and both with completely brilliant, talented casting. I have already looked the soundtrack up because I’d like to work with it in the background for sure. How we even got started watching the first film was funny because we weren’t going to watch the whole thing…we just wanted to see a scene in it. One scene…HA – at 2 in the morning I’m seeing the ending credits roll going, “Let’s watch that film again from the beginning this time!” I enjoy the spontaneity that can be afforded at the end of short college terms. I will never understand students who decide to wait until the last minute to finish everything. I don’t know about them, but I like to have breaks between college terms!

With that said, I’ve already started on my new course of action involving no trace of required-college-work, only that of my own personal interests and goals. The year isn’t quite finished and I plan to get something going with my website! 😀

Also, I would tell you about my fun shopping excursion (hehehe)…however, it seems that the info surrounding the deals we found and the lines we stood in are still considered classified information. (lol) Maybe I’ll reflect on the ‘mission’ during the coming New Year…maybe. 🙂

Talk to yas soon,
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