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Not that I pull for either team – but what exactly happened at the USC vs. Clemson game at Clemson? I do not follow South Carolina college teams closely, so in blissful ignorance of the topic, I have the unmitigated gall to form an hypothesis -which is, that the results of the dual are due primarily to one of two factors: Either Clemson played its second or possibly third string, or they celebrated a victory prematurely the night before and were still suffering from the effects of liquid stimulants.

Seriously, I do feel sorry for Clemson. Having a blowout, esp. to a top rival isn’t something to wish even on your least favorite sports teams. Nor do I like to see my friends and previous professors (who are now Clemson alumni who bleed orange) go into mourning over such occurrences…during this time of year at that! Yesterday several of us felt one pulling for USC should hold their breath…but today’s newspaper proved us resoundingly wrong.

So to the USC fans I say spot on, to the Clemson fans chin up. Having experienced, though on rare occasions, similar feelings when UNC and Duke met, I can promise that this too shall pass.

On a new page, I am looking forward to several things today. One of which is eating boneless, beef ribs. A day with home cooked beef ribs has possibilities doesn’t it?

Have a blessed and warm Sunday,
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