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Good Evening Ladies and Gents!

It has been one. jam. packed. day. (read as pauses I believe)
Upon reflection, someone in my group realized that the stress was somewhat self inflicted since this project was our own – but that still did not help any! When I get a project set in my mind, it becomes the focus…just my nature I think.

Today, we finished up some last minute odds and ends. The cool thing is that the site looks completely brilliant in all the browsers. And due to some instruction from a friend, I now know how to protect the directories and properly use @ font face. So yay. Life is good.

To celebrate, I throughly enjoyed a hamburger and fries from one of the only places to get a hamburger – Five Guys. End of discussion. 🙂 But I ate it in my own living room whilst watching the end of Sense & Sensibility. Why didn’t they give Col. Brandon more lines?! I’m not content with seeing he and Marianne look at a bird and walk in the house. I should re-write the screen play. I want dialog…words… conversations. You know?

As to the project, the only thing left for me to figure out is the search engine optimization and submission. When I get that finished, I shall stamp ‘complete’ on the project with a content smile. With everything I’ve learned and put into practice on this project, I think I might finally be able to put some pages together for my own site. We’ll see.

At present, I have the travel bug. I wish I could just hop on a plane and go to several places, see a few concerts, take loads of pictures, and just daydream.

I’m also marveling at how people can so easily bring you down with only a few words. It’s amazing how the human spirit can be crushed with piercing words and yet so uplifted with positive encouragement. Think about that the next time you offer a response to someone. You have the power to raise their spirit’s high…it just takes the leading of God’s Spirit, and a few selfless moments – you really can make the world a better place. 🙂

So, I’m heading to bed. I hear the neighbors dog barking at a loud commotion outside…I hope both stop momentarily! Where’d I place those earplugs?

Those are a few of my latest thoughts…

Until Next time,
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