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It is late in the day here…time flew by I’d say.

Second day of the term went well. Several chapters down and a quiz tomorrow. Sweet.

On the coding front, I am Über happy. I finished up the last part of the site I am working on. YAY. With the last page upload tonight, I have now officially entered the phase of tweaking, fixing odds and ends that I find along the umpteenth site check. The more I code the more I see better ways of handling things and improving formats etc.

On the music front, be impressed…and if you will not be impressed, I figure I am impressed enough for both of us (you’ll just miss out on smiling alot!). I finished the first chapter in the piano book I bought at the library sale (the one I mentioned in an earlier blog). I’m really excited about it. It has explained several things that I did not know. So that’s great.

Listening to another High Kings tune and then turning in.
Have a great Wednesday and Godspeed.
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