Well ladies and gents, this comes at the close of yet another day. My term started back this a.m. and time was required of me to sort through the materials and find some routine in its midst.

I am looking forward to the weeks ahead. The schedule, which I shall iron out tomorrow, seems to be one that will give me more time to expand my activity horizons.

At present, I am almost finished with a web project (yay). I enjoy the fact that it is not related to academics. In fact, I would say it was brilliantly awesome for a web site. None to beat it. (No, I am not biased. Ha.) *grin* I will be tweaking it for days after I get the foundation completed, but that is alright by me.

The library sale a few days back provided me with two older textbooks for music teachers. One is music in general and one is piano. Lately, I have been watching/listening to YouTube videos of music transcribed from classic film adaptations. These melodies (and the fact that classes are alot lighter) have me longing to play them on the piano. The sticky wicket is that I haven’t played in about five years…But the kindling is there and the thought of playing a few Irish tunes and classic melodies at home and with family pushes the thoughts on. I hope to say in the next few weeks that I have made progress. My biggest issue is not having a teacher to tell me when I am spot on or suggest areas of improvement. Maybe I will invest in formal lessons a bit later, but now I think I shall invest my own time in the effort. While classes allow.

This weekend, I enjoyed attending a meeting downtown. I had never seen Wichita Slim in person, but I have now and I am glad I went. He has not changed one bit. It was indeed a blessing.

At present, Jane Eyre is on the tele in the other room and I plan on joining the crew for the second half.

In the meantime, I thought I would leave you with a fun out of the ordinary video (Well, not for my blog.). The topic? Think the Tampa Bay Ray’s Ben Zobrist vs. Toby Mac in a friendly neighborhood match of Wiffle Ball. (JFYI: The background music is City on Our knees. Toby’s new single…the cd that jacket goes with! haha)

Until next time,
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