As many of you already know, I enjoy films old and new. And I am a major fan of BBC films and adaptations. As such, I have linked a video I stumbled upon today while I was working. (I enjoy having things play in the background don’tcha know…I code faster.)

The video is great – especially if you’ve seen the film before. It will have you mesmerized as you recall the various scenes. It does start with the scenes out of order (starts midway, then goes back to beginning etc.) But honestly, it weaves the scenes and emotions together seamlessly.

Also, if you are familiar with British actors, you will see many faces you know!

The video plays to Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’ How appropriate.

If you get a chance to see the actual film – do. The film is really worth the time. In fact, your local library might just have it. Mine did (but then I kept it checked out for soooo long, I finally bought it. *smile*)

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