Ok….so I have been a MacGyver fan for a loooooong time. I remember watching the show at my grandmother’s house and marveling at how much trouble Jack could get ’em in and how MacGyver always found something that would save the day.

I recently checked the movies out of my local library and then I decided to pull out the season I bought a few years back. I still marvel at some of the things I see. In one of my last college classes, the teacher had us research something from Lego – the Lego Mindstorms to be exact. Well, if you check out Season 4 – episode ‘The Battle of Tommy Giordano,’ you’ll see two Mindstorms like robots. And yes, one gives it’s life in order to give MacGyver the upper hand in a mob hit situation (and no, Jack didn’t get MacGyver in this one. haha).

Today, while working on a site project, I decided to put MacGyver in the background. I wondered if the shows were online or not. Guess what? They are! It looks like CBS has several full episodes (and plus the wheat thins commercial is quite funny.)

Also, if you want to check out a MacGyver devoted site chocked full of trivia and facts that will cause your friends to marvel at your knowledge over tonight’s pizza dinner, check out MacGyver Online.

Until next time,
Remember to pack a new rope, a local map, a #2 pencil, your pocket knife, and duct tape.