Hi All. I’m going to have to make this short and sweet. So details and structure will have be at a minimum…but hopefully you will enjoy reading it.

Today was pretty hopping. A friend of mine came over to join myself as we listened to a family member’s upcoming presentation. It was grand. It covers the basics of how you as a parent or uncle or aunt or grandmother (get the picture? Lol) can help your little sweetheart learn to read, help them with their homework, or help build their reading confidence via phonics. We had a good feedback conversation and I honestly can’t wait until the big night of the presentation. It’s going to be grand!

After we finished the phonics foray we drove to our local pizza joint. It was busy, but we found a booth and chowed down on some of the best pizza and brownies in the county (best for not being made in my kitchen of course). You can order your own pizza or get whatever is on the buffet. (We went to Ci-ci’s if you haven’t guessed that by now.)

After heading home and gelling for a bit…and also submitting another assignment…two of us headed to the pool. A few weeks back we added a new pool necessity to our arsenal – a torpedo. That thing is awesome. With a pair of goggles and a nose clip (hey- there are not fashion police at the bottom of a pool!), you’ll be coming up out of the water ONLY cause you need to. And it makes sure you work hard – just have someone throw it a little crooked and you’ll be swimming to the bottom of the other side of the pool. The package says it goes up to 30-40 ft…and it is one package that I absolutely believe!

At present, I am talking to you and looking out of my window at an extremely dark cloud (the thunderstorm it has turned into is the only reason I’m not still in the water believe-you-me! Ha).

My current endeavor is to commence researching the topic of *drumroll* Powershell. I know nothing about it. In one of my classes I have to research it and write a paper on it. I believe it is a script, but I’m not 100% positive yet. I’ll keep you posted!

With that I shall call this blog: closed.

Talk to ya soon!
Keep Living4real. 😉