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Have you played this game yet? I checked The Lego Indiana Jones: Original Adventures out of my library and it is a hoot. However, as I have progressed through the game, I started sensing that either I was losing my gaming touch or else the game was getting harder. I knew it couldn’t be the first, so I investigated the later. Sure enough, the adaptability was on…so it was getting harder and harder. I thought that was a bad thing at the time due to the fact that I could not get either character successfully beyond these two ominous turning columns within a wall in the water. Turns out, I was in left field altogether! So all that time I spent falling in the water and losing the majority of my Lego stud points was pointless (my one consolation was that I had already made ‘True Adventurer’).

In exasperation I did what any Indy fan would do (right?) – I read the manual…er…walkthrough on GameSpy. When I read it I just shook my head. What was I thinking?! *sigh*

It would seem all I needed to do in that level was push a box into the wall. ?!?!?. Yeah…you read right, push a box. I knew right where that thing was too and finished the level in seconds (the escape route!). I hadn’t thought of ‘pushing’ it because I mistook it for one of those doors that only smaller characters can go through, and this being story mode, I couldn’t access those areas. Oh well. lol. At least I had fun doing it!

In the event you find yourself in such a predicament, being stuck betwixt a rock and a hard place…or in my case stuck in an underground tomb with varmints everywhere, check out Game Spy’s Indy walkthrough. I don’t know about their other walkthroughs but for this game, the site is spot on.

Also, according to one gamer who posted on the site, it seems that the game creators hid a few Star Wars characters within the game. Find them and you can play the Indy adventures as Han Solo. 😀

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P.S. Check out Amazon.com’s trailer for the Lego Original Adventures game.