Hello Everyone!

I have to say I have a smile on my face for sure. This past Saturday, I found out I made Google. When I logged on to WP, I saw that someone had visited my blog by doing a Google search for ‘Edward Petherbridge.’ I saw this and got happy. I decided to see how this happened. I proceeded to do a Google search. Then I clicked on the ‘blog’ option they have on the left sidebar. Sure enough. My blog entry entitled, ‘Finishing the Wimsey Television and Film Series‘ was the second hit in the search – on Google. Yay! 😀 My blog was betwixt two postings (1st and 3rd hit) from the official blog for Mr. Petherbridge, which I thought was cool too.

I just had to share that, for even though it was but for a day, my awing blog made a worldwide search engine in the top 5. Wonderfulness.

Have a good day,