The past few weeks have been grand. I finished up my classes a wee bit early and I was able to take five for a day or two. Yay.

My aunt came down for a visit and we had a great time. We enjoyed relaxing and it was a great decompression time for me. We went on a road trip too – what a highlight. We went to my college and looked around (my aunt had not seen it before.) Although the campus was closed, we got to see a wedding that was taking place in the newly restored chapel. Amazing.

After that, we proceeded to a mountain town that I really like. We stayed there the whole day! I was able to get some Blenheim Ginger Ale (I was sadly down to my last two bottles.) Also, I bought a few candies from the Mast General along with the coolest glasses. They are varying colors on the bottom, with almost a blown glass look. The glasses also have little indentions on the bottom half of the design for a better grip. We were excited about finding them because most of the colorful spring/summer merchandise at home is plastic….I just don’t like plastic when it comes to my drinking glasses. They are called ‘glasses’ for a reason, let us not tamper with them.

Back at home, my aunt, who plays tennis on a real court for fun, played tennis with me on the Wii. It was fun, but with two people playing tennis, swinging their remotes in realistic tennis-playing movements, a body better not get in the way! lol. The room wasn’t that big, but we played for a long time and were able to avoid any catastrophes.

We also had time to just kick back and watch a few film offerings. Can you just say, “Wonderfulness?” I sure can. In fact, I would venture that the past few weeks have been a pleasant excursion from the normal routines of college life. I was reading about the rest that God provides and truly, between studying about His rest (and walking in it) and His grace, a body can really see and feel (inside) a difference.

I hope that your week is a good one. I’m going back to resting and enjoying my vacation.

Until next time,
Keep Living 4 Real.