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It is official. We have finished *sniff, sniff* watching the Lord Peter Wimsey movies…namely the films wherein Ian Carmichael and then Edward Petherbridge portrayed Lord Peter Whimsey. We watched Gaudy Night the other…night. Ha. Thus ending the Wimsey-Vane trilogy and it was grand. I just wish there were more scenes with Peter and Harriet spending time together. *content sigh* They go up there with Wives and Daughters and Za Count of Monte Cristo. Now I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say I have one favorite movie (although, have I ever been able to say that? haha). Check out my previous blog wherein I talked about the films. One day I will do a more detailed summary.

Two (of many) favorite lines? *clearing throat*

Image from DVD cover of Wimsey (Carmichael) The Nine TailorsCarmichael in Clouds of Witness: “Today Parker and I hold high revel. Today he shows me all the bloody footprints—it’s all right, Helen, that’s not swearin’, that’s an adjective of quality.”

Want to read the book in digital format? Enjoy.

Picture of Wimsey (Petherbridge) Film CollectionPetherbridge in Gaudy Night whilst talking to Harriet at a restaurant: “Tell me, what’s the matter?”
Harriet: “I’m not sure I should.”
Wimsey: “Tell me or tango.”
Harriet: “You know I can’t tango!”
Wimsey: “You’ve no choice then, have you?” 🙂

Read more about the film at IMDb.

Petherbridge went on to play Wimsey, in the final completed Wimsey-Vane book, Busman’s Honeymoon, on the stage with his wife portraying Harriet. I wish I could have been sitting in the audience during that production. Petherbridge is still acting with his latest stage appearance being in London May/June 2010 (just in case you happen to be traveling across the pond). Check out his cool Web site when you get some free time.

On another note, I have just discovered that Ian Carmichael did radio too and acted as narrator on a fully dramatized version of Busman’s Honeymoon and possibly other Wimsey offerings. Hmm….I’m investigating this with excitement. Also, in case you didn’t know, Carmichael passed on this year in Feb. I don’t know much about him, but I do know that his portrayal of Wimsey and of Lady Harriet’s father in Wives and Daughters were both delightful. It’s actors like these that make me glad we have film. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this short but fun blog.
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