An update in daily life…

You know the feeling the title references. It comes when one sees the finish line in sight. That’s were I find myself at present. I don’t even have time to blog -but I thought I’d drop by and talk for a few minutes.

I know some of you think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. And I also know several of you haven’t noticed because you are off on your own adventures (traveling the globe don’tcha know).

This past week, I’ve had a blast with company visiting from out of state, travelled out of state, terminated the pests in my garden, taken a final, taken a quiz, and written a paper.

My future? I have to write two more papers, prep for a final, and take a final, By the end of that time, I think I shall take a deep breath and eat a batch of brownies! (ok…maybe not a whole batch.)

I hope to upload some pics and blog…but that will have to be next week. Then I will be able to chill and get caught back up with my peeps both online and in person. Enjoy this weather! Aloha 😉