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I am so excited. Can you tell? lol. While I am still not happy with one of the textbooks (a textbook is a textbook is a textbook no matter how you bind/print it.), I am looking forward to what I’m learning. Already understand most of the website basics, but there seems to be a lot of networking, computer hardware/software type stuff that’s new to me. I read the first chapter in the textbook that isn’t on my nice list and just about got overwhelmed with all the terms and historical facts they hit me with. I mean, it’s interesting, but it was a bit over the top. I do have to say that while I think these authors are favoring all things Microsoft, after they regaled me with detailed histories of the day (including IBM and others), I think even less of them than I did before…and that is truly sad.

I did discover that Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron is referred to as the first programmer. So cool! 🙂 And she worked with Charles Babbage, helping him code programs. Babbage is referred to as the father of computers. Pretty cool huh? Thought you’d think so. 😉

Also, I am delving back into the world of Dreamweaver. Well, I’ve been working in Dreamweaver for a while lately because *voice growing to a whisper* I’m working on my own website. *big smile* I am looking forward to getting it up and running. At present, I have coded one facet of the site (Por ejemplo: it looks pretty and has a working navigation.) However, when it comes to how I am suppose to set up the content, I have hit the proverbial brick wall. I am hoping within the coming months, I can figure out this present conundrum… ’cause let me tell you – it’s holding up progress! haha.