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Today was amazing from beginning to end, albeit, it had a rather slow start.

Part of me is sad in a way because my three weeks holiday is finally over with as of today. But the way I see it, all holidays have to come to an end sometime and work has to start again. Therein lies my comfort. It’s not just me- this goes for everyone. Why, even Lord Peter Wimsey had to go back to work now and again. 🙂

Rabbit Trail: About Peter Wimsey. We’ve been watching the BBC shows/movies of late. Can’t decide which I like more, the characters in the TV show or in the films. Ian Carmichael played Wimsey in the television series. Wimsey in the television show. Edward Petherbridge played Lord Peter in the films. I have about decided that they don’t compete at all. The portrayals of Wimsey and Bunter and the rest of the company bring such different traits to the screen that they are all delightful (although the films can be a bit more violent than the shows.). Beyond the scripts, I decided that the characters were too grand to miss reading about them in print. So I sent out to my library for a Sayers book or two. This was also in light of the fact that the BBC was never able to finish the films properly (Hollywood held the copyright on the fourth Wimsey-Vane book in which the happy couple got married and went on their honeymoon only to stumble upon yet another mystery.) Wimsey and Vane in the first of three films.The film Hollywood put together was reported as not being true to the book (I haven’t watched it) and that Sayers herself refused to see it. When the BBC went to create these films, they wished to buy the rights to the fourth Wimsey-Vane mystery, but try as they might, Hollywood wouldn’t budge and a whole fan world is left to create the film in their own mind’s eye. I don’t mind that as I enjoy books immensely, but I think it is sad that the film trilogy with such a fantastic cast was not able to bring the story to a cinematic happy ending. And Speaking of films, you know I can’t pass up a good quote or two:
From Movie: Wimsey: I don’t suppose you have the faintest idea how to pick a lock? / Secretary: I’m afraid not. No idea whatsoever. / Wimsey: *sighs* I sometimes wonder what we went to school for.
From T.V. Show: “Your car (person referring to Wimsey’s rare vehicle) looks like an anemic banana.”

[End Rabbit Trail.]

Considering the fact that my nose was buried in the fourth Wimsey-Vane book (not in the Wimsey series – just in their storyline) until the neighborhood of two in the morning, you will understand why I was so tired when I woke up the next morning. I didn’t even hear my alarm clock. After watching something fun on television and downing a super coffee/chocolate shake, I still found myself trying to hold my eyes open. A good friend said this was because it was Monday. I can’t help but wonder if it was the holiday version of jet lag. We’ll never know.

The part of me that is sad is countered by the happy part excited about learning new things (although picking a lock isn’t one of them ;). I know that the happy side of things will win in the end. In fact, I am already delighted at the prospects of the next few weeks and what they will bring. I’ve got just about everything set up and I am mapping out what my routine will look like. Yay! With several interests and over 100 pages to read a week, I have to keep things scheduled.

To add to my day’s adventure was the weather. I had a lot of paper work to organize etc. and from dawn til dusk it’s been cloudy/rainy all the way. The rain started early, when I was watering our garden no less. The temps were pleasant and so I was able to put on a movie in the background and open a window or two. Nothing beats hearing the rain and wind outside your office while you work.

So, that is my day. This is only Monday too. I can’t wait to see what awaits!

P.S. I had someone e-mail this article to me today as well, asking if *cough, cough* I was up for the challenge. My response? No way José!! haha. Enjoy the read.