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Hello All.

This has been one jam packed past two weeks! I have been enjoying every minute of it too. Which is pretty awesome in light of the fact that my first midterm was yesterday! (and I’ve taken two other quizzes on top of that.)

What are a few of the things I’ve been doing? Well, I’ve revived one of my network sites. I missed it I guess. Changed the layout, tweaked the code, and love it. Updated my playlists too – love that feature.

I am on the homestretch of writing my first walkthrough. I am doing a walkthrough for one of the Nancy Drew computer games. Haven’t coded it for the web yet. Still pondering that. But I started the walkthrough via the inspiration of a friend whom I got hooked on the games..haha. No worries…it isn’t a bad habit to form. (I think)

I’m working with a new Mac group in getting a Web site up and running…well, I did the homepage mock via Fireworks (I’m liking some things over Photoshop, but I still can’t do without it or Illustrator.). I think the group liked it, so we’ll see how things go. I can’t wait to see it up and running. I’m enjoying so much of web development but I still get frustrated by what I want to do but haven’t learned to do…but I’m getting there. One step at a time as I always say. I will be taking a class on the various lang. within the next 3 or 4 semesters and I am glad of that. Ruby and PHP are the current ones I am researching.

I’ve had time to brainstorm and start researching my own site. Wahaha…It’s going to be the best site ever! Last night I started researching what crates are suppose to look like. Have you ever done an image search for crates on Google? Try it sometime. The diversity of the sites you come up with is so. . .diverse! I found out about changes in the way companies are required to use crates in international shipping. I found a fudge company in Nova Scotia that looks like they make amazing fudge. One site was a pictorial journey in the nostalgia of early Americana. One was a blog of a guy who creates amazing artwork like fake rocks and fish eyes. Did I say ‘diverse?’ Completely. Back to my site, I enjoy trying to storyboard my ideas first because I think one’s imagination doesn’t become limited by their mouse/pen driving skills. One thing I’d love to take five to do is test the limits of the Wacom. I created a few cards last year and I did think it sped up the work time involved but I’d like to learn a bit more about it.

Did anyone hear about the commercial fluke on TCM? I wish I’d had seen it. TCM is commercial free and around 8 a few nights back, it seems they aired a commercial. I think someone wrote that it was a Toyota commercial…hmm…I wonder if that is true…that could be very interesting… TCM has assured people (such as myself) that this was a mistake…an error on their part and that TCM has been and will continue to be commercial free. From one TCM fan to another…we’re holdin’ ’em to it! 🙂

Also over the past few days, I found out the hard way that I still have broken links in my music library. You see, in efforts to open up some space on my hard drive, I’ve started transferring my music files to an external hard drive. Thing is, when one does that, they soon discover that when they wish to listen to the music in the music player, the player can’t find the music file anymore. Are you getting déjà vu from web coding basics? Yeah…and…since I haven’t plugged in my iPod since this change over, I proceeded to have a pretty empty iPod as most of my playlists for the spring/summer haven’t been re-linked. (Oh, happy days.)

On a happier note, I did finally get a Maison built in Farmville (yes, I’ve switched to Farmville.). I was way happy about finishing it. My fellow farmers were grand. I completed it on the very last day of the build too. I did not have a house on my farm as yet so it looks even more s’wonderful. That and I also sold all the white fence that was on my farm and replaced it with the stone fence with vines growing on it to match my new virtual farm house. It might sound crazy, but sometimes that game is a grand diversion. Thanks to all my friends who made it possible – you guys rock. 😉

So that is just a slight glimpse of the past few days. With the sounds of spring coming from outside and the warmer weather approaching, I shall say goodbye. I’m hoping the weather will remember it promised spring temps before summer temps. I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time,
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