Wow. Yes alas, it is about 11:30 pm. BUT, I am getting to blog…so get happy! lol.

Today was a long, jam-packed awesome kind of day. I guess the first thing to say is don’t get upset if you don’t wake up as early as you intended…all is not lost! lol…you see, my phone alarm went off at it’s set time…however I apparently ignored it. (don’t have it set on vibrate or silent…especially when it is located in a different room. Just won’t have the same ‘alarming’ effect.)

However, I was not to be deterred! I got up and set to work like a busy beaver. I have to say that for the second day of one of my current endeavors, I was able to finish a lot of work! 😀 There’s just a refreshing feeling when you know that you are getting ahead of the set schedule/timeline. I love it.

Also, I found out that a friend of mine (that I met via college) has moved back to town. Totally cool. 😉
And yet another peep is researching a bit of info about an area play several of us want to go see. The last play I was able to attend was…you probably guessed it – M*A*S*H. lol.

Rounding off my day was going to our new Mug. It was grand. Learned a lot (as always). We watched some way funny videos too. Please remind your college to test out any new technology before implementing the said technology. lol. We also got to know a bit about the history behind the sound, ‘Sosumi.’ You know, I never tried to say it out loud..haha. I will have to find the videos and give you the links. And our youngest buckaroo paid a visit too. lol…He was wearing the coolest pair of orange socks – they looked like shoes. But don’t get me on the subject of kids clothing or I’ll get on my soap box of asking why do the kids get all the cool outfits. I mean…have you been to the kids department lately? I was shopping for my littl’ cousin recently and just was amazed at the cool dresses and hats I could buy her. Not to mention the creativity of the outfit designs. Whereas in the grown-up department everything looks cookie cutter. lol (you know…I think I’m on the soap box.) *stepping down*

At present, I am watching an episode of ‘I Spy.’ (It’s a brilliant, funny yet serious show…another whole blog in itself.) It seems that in the unfolding episode Scotty has to get Kelly out of a situation that is best described as a sticky wicket. Ay, ay, ay. lol. Kelly just said “things are always blackest before they go pitch black.” Yep. That’s ‘I Spy’ logic. Also, have some food cooking at my ‘cyber’ cafe. What did we do before networking games? I ask you?! lol.

Harkening back to my previous blog, you know the movie we were watching? Finished it. It was superb. Great. Awesome. In case you were wondering. 😀

Oh no…I’m afraid I have to cut this written masterpiece short. It seems that Scott went to rescue Kelly, however *cough, cough* it seems Scotty just got caught. They just aren’t having as good a day as I have!

Hope you have a great day tomorrow!
With that, the only way to end this would have to be – Let it beep!