After seeing the title of this particular blog, are you sitting back in your chair quietly (or not so quietly) asking yourself, who or who in the world is this blogger talking about?! LOL. Glad you are curious.

Your question should actually be who are Jawas. You don’t know? Well, in all honesty, I didn’t know who they were until this afternoon due to the fact that I never really called them anything other than maybe describing their small, red clocked, red eye appearance. If you are still drawing a blank, let me explain. The Jawas are the characters in Star Wars who were dressed in reddish cloaks, are rather short, and all you could see were their glowing red eyes (some say yellow, but I call them red.). They made these very interesting sounds as they spoke their language… and you wouldn’t think they could be dangerous, but oh brother could you be wrong in that, that is if you are a droid.

Anyway, the reason for my interest in them is that as I watched Star Wars IV A New Hope today (in the background), it occurred to me that these little guys remind me of the monks that appeared in Sierra’s ‘The Lode Runner Returns’ release in 1994. Those monks were robed in burnt red, you couldn’t see their faces, but on the animations they had similarities to the Jawas. Has anyone else noticed this? Lol. It isn’t as random as one might think. Anywho. After discovering this little interesting similarity, I kept my eyes open and thought over the scenes in the film.

Remember when R2-D2 and C-3PO were being transported in that garbage box of misfits (also known as a sandcrawler)? One of those misfits had eyes that could easily be the great grandfather of Wall-E. I’m SERIOUS. Maybe I’m just the last one to realize that there was a connection…or not. But Wall-E def. came to mind. Even one of the other characters in that scene had a head shaped like the alien in the newest Indy film…I am sure there are other stories and characters that could be compared to these, but I still thought my musings deserved a few seconds of contemplation. Whatcha think? 🙂 Has anyone else noticed a current character out there that had similarities to something or someone in the Star Wars Series (I would just say trilogy, but I guess I have to be open minded on the subject.)