Today has really been a rather productive and completely filled up day. Honestly, I am not quite sure where I am finding the energy to even be blogging right now…maybe it’s seeing my blog with a new theme. Alas, I didn’t code this one. I wish! Lol. While I really want to delve into the world of my own WordPress themes, at present, I will have to content myself with pre-coded ones. I still am having some issues with getting everything done in the time that is allotted in what we call a day.

What do you think of theme? I like the colors and I like how the tabs are comprised of the blog tags themselves etc. But I’d sure like to tweak the way the sub menus ‘appear.’ I don’t quite know how to explain it, but I’d like it if they had a bit more motion or smoothness in how they appear. I really like the color tones of the theme as a whole. I think it makes the site look a bit snappy. While I was really proud of my old layout because the banner was one I created in Illustrator, it was time to bit that one goodbye.

What did I do today? Well, I read an entire chapter in a textbook, took a quiz on said chapter, and then worked on a written assignment. It added up to three pages by the time I was through…and that was when I made the text smaller and lessened the margins. (I know, you aren’t surprised…haha). My first final is coming up next week, so I’m studying like crazy and I can’t wait until I can say I finished my first class at my current place of study. I really like it thus far. (even got two shirts boasting its name. yay!) But enough about my day, I hope your day was just as productive and hopefully fun. Well, I know you had fun at least when you read this blog. 😉

Happy Trails to ya,
Until we meet again.