Yes, I had to blog about snow cream at least once during this season. We finally got snow last week. It was beautiful. I haven’t seen a true snow fall like this in about eight years. Eight years!? Can you believe that? I was so happy when the snow started falling out of the sky. I love the fact that kids got to enjoy the snow for the first time in their lives. And adults around our place stated they couldn’t remember a snow fall like this for years. Isn’t that cool?

There is something special about snow falling and blanketing everything in sight. It just stacked on top of everything – even the street sign! At night with the snow everywhere, it seemed to lighten everything up. One light can brighten yards for whole blocks. I love it. I remember when I was kid it snowed a lot in the middle of the night and at five a.m. we were outside sledding down the hill. It was almost bright as day. No lights were needed. That was awesome.

So, getting back to last week’s snow fall, a few hours after the snow started falling I hit the kitchen in search of some more pots and pans (we already had two out there and they were so covered you almost couldn’t see them). We added to the number of them outside throughout the night…lol. Why? Because, we took the snow and made snow cream. It’s so good. We take the snow and mix it with Eagle Brand milk. You can add vanilla and even top it with chocolate. A friend of mine stated that their family likes to use maple syrup and create maple candy. That would be very interesting to try. I was surprise at the number of people who were not familiar with snow cream – so I thought I’d blog about it.

I wanted to talk about some other things as well, but alas, the end credits just rolled on the movie I was watching so I think it’s time to call it a day. The movie in case you are interested was ‘Bulldog Drummond In Africa.’ It was the only installment of that black and white movie series I had not seen yet. It wasn’t my favorite. Those two poor kids will never get married! Lol (ok..*spoiler* they do eventually, it just took them about five or so other movies to do so!). I also had Star Wars in the DVD player this afternoon, along with ‘The Glass Bottom Boat.’ What can I say? I have eclectic taste and like stuff going in the background when I work. Lol.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the few minutes that you’ve been reading this blog.
Until next time,
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