G’Day to You!

It is hard to believe another Monday has knocked on the door and entered our lives. However, I am not really complaining because we had a pretty nice weekend…and because I just aced the last quiz before midterm. Yay.

Getting back to the ‘I had a pretty nice weekend part,’ I told you in my last blog that the new year would bring new things. Well, this blog is the first new thing! Yay. It’s a game review. I don’t normally review games on the net. Normally the cycle involves in some form: me playing a game, telling my friends about it as I progress through the adventure (occasionally, having a few people play it with me), finishing the game and either telling my friends how great it was or getting up on my soap crate – why do they call it a box when the pics are alway of a crate? eh – and venting my frustrations about it for a week. With that said, I thought I’d review my latest endeavor.

I recently found out our library (haha) has Wii games! Yeppers, you read right. This is awesome to me because you can test out the game to see if it fits your gaming taste before shelling out 45 bucks more or less for a game. After surfing the library’s inventory, I brought home a few Wii titles to take for a spin. One of which was 007 Quantum of Solstice.

This weekend, we settled in the living room, put on our agent faces and loaded the game. Creating our new profiles, we set out on an adventure of danger, espionage and just plain fun.

This game, thus far anyways, is brilliant. The graphics/world are great to me. The graphics and game concepts seem like a Lode Runner concept meets Nancy Drew/Sherlock Holmes computer game graphics. That might seem crazy to anyone other than myself, but that’s what I’m thinking at present so I’m going with it! Lol.

While this game, at least on my level, is devoid of blood and guts (Thank you! If I wanted to see blood and guts I would have been a nurse k?) it isn’t a game for kids, as you are being chased by bad guys with weapons the whole time. Lets just say that the head bad guy will have to update his payroll when next month rolls around by the time you (007) finish your mission! haha…ha.

But so far it is pretty cool! As before mentioned great graphics. I want to jump in one of the boats at that niiice boat house and take it for a spin around the lake. *darn it* That helicopter is shooting at me isn’t it?! Guess my boat could spring a leak. Oh well. (Random thought: We will not talk about my character of Nancy Drew drowning about the tenth time in the computer game ‘Ransom of the Seven Ships.’ We’ll leave that for a later topic.)

As of Saturday, *spoiler alert* we are still stuck in the part of the game where 007 is in a burning mansion after hacking the bad guy’s (Mr. white) computer. WwooOOoowW. Lol.

Don’t be envious. Go check out a copy at your local library…or buy it on Amazon.
Amazons going price when I check last was $29.99 (Just say $30+shipping)

Whether you check it out of the library or buy it from a store, (or opt out entirely), I hope you have fun!

Catch ya later.