Ok…well, this new year is already about to be a month old — and that is still hard for me to grasp. But, be that as it may, this is still my first real blog on here in a very long time.

Just as the year changed, so has a few seasons in my world. But trust me, I am excited about them. First of all, that stressful semester I had last year is completely gone. YES. Let’s have a shout out! YAY! lol. Now, I have moved on to better things and I am very happy about that. At present, it is like I am in a whole new world. (and I like it a lot.) One thing that is nice is that while I am still studying something I like a lot, I am for the first time in over two years able to have some free time to explore the world and enjoy a few of my old (and new) hobbies.

One goal of the new year is to get things organized and cleaned out. Fall of 2010 was hectic to say the least and a bit of pre-spring cleaning was in order. Remember the movie, “What About Bob?” I don’t recall much about that film, in fact the only thing I really remember is this one quote paraphrase: Baby steps. Just take baby steps. You know, if we’d just take a step back, take a deep breath, and then proceed taking baby steps things would be a lot cooler, clearer, and possibly calmer. That’s been my pre-spring cleaning philosophy. Clean out one space at a time..one small space at a time. You know that bookcase that is professionally crammed with books? (I so do! haha) Take it one shelf at a time. (or even one half shelf at a time!)

Also, take it from someone who started spring cleaning early and who has clocked in a lot of painting in their life – put on one of those movies in the background that you don’t have to watch anymore because you memorized the script…or one of those films that have amazing soundtracks. I’ve never seen the point in DVDs that offered the viewing option with soundtrack only until now. Now, it seems like a very cool DVD feature.

Believe me, when you are trying to clean out that closet, or cut in around the trim in the living room, you will REALLY appreciate a flick in the background that you can listen too. Who wouldn’t like a Thin Man movie in the background with the brilliant scripts and acting?! I ask you.

So, my hope is to get back in the writing routine. Really, it is more of the blogging routine I think because I’ve been writing a lot, just not on the Internet.
I do have some new ideas that I hope will see the light of day this year. And I will be sure to keep you posted on those developments as they happen as I know a few will interest you a lot.

Until we talk again,