Well ladies and gents, today is Tuesday. I am so glad. Guess what I finally started working on today? Ready for this? A schedule. A routine. Finally! Doesn’t this sound just awesome? No? Really? Well, this is my college life, what can I say. Lol.

No, really. I did start a routine. You see, over the past few weeks I’ve been greeting the next day, or as they said it in movies back when, “I’ve been [almost] saying ‘good morning’ to the milk man.” This normally occurs in the form of staying up late watching a movie, playing edge tiles (why???), and eating some yummy, don’t-eat-this-late, but-still-do snack. This is not good for the circadian rhythm (I guess I learned something good in Psychology. Eh..nah.). On this rabbit trail, some of the latest flicks I’ve seen include in no particular order:

Love Affair (the original B&W)
The African Queen
The Secret Garden (remake)
The Water Is Wide
In Paris When It Sizzles (love it. Hepburn and Holden)
Pride and Prejudice (BBC version with Firth, great)
Oh…& I saw the end of Key Largo, does that count? (lol. That looks like a great movie! L.B. is in it!)

About a week ago, I was watching a old British mystery show and one of the main characters went to a masquerade ball as the Scarlet Pimpernel. I haven’t seen that film in what seems to be forever. I will have to dig out the old B&W version and watch it. Did you know that the actor who plays the S. Pimpernel is the father of the guy who played Sherlock Holmes in the t.v. series, ‘Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?’ (Just some cool trivia for you).

Other movies I have on my list to watch and re-watch are (also in no special order):

El Dorado (Wayne and Mitchem)
The Pianist
Eagle Eye
Star Wars: New Hope
Indy and the Lost Ark
Wives and Daughters (BBC mini-series, great)
North and South (the BBC mini-series, not the civil war one.)
The Lake House (great to have in the b/g whilst working cause the soundtrack is awesome.)
The Thin Man

So, since Term One has commenced and I am nearing Midterm, I decided that if I wanted to do anything else OTHER than study, I had to change my schedule. And believe me, changing ones body clock isn’t the easiest thing to do! Today was the first day of my schedule. Let’s just say I’m working on Schedule Draft #2 as of now. I was able to get up and do some other things but they all took a bit longer than I had originally thought. Thus, I am revising my schedule and going to see if I can, as Stephanie put it, ‘get in the groove’ tomorrow. However, since it is already 10:30 pm and I am no where near ready to start counting sheep, we might have an issue with the early morning alarm clock! Hmm…

Until we talk again,