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This weather is wonderful!

Ok…maybe it isn’t the warm weather I was dreaming of two days ago with images of laying out poolside dancing in my head. But still, the grey day with its rain misting the ground and wind causing the weeping willow across the street to sway is pretty nice.

I am writing this from my ‘office’ table. It is in front of a nice-sized window overlooking my tightly knit neighborhood. Oh for the days where a yard was bigger than a match box.

I have a lot of work left that stands between me and the weekend, but I wanted to take a few minutes to say hello. It’s true I haven’t been extremely talkative of late. My first reason for Internet/networking neglect was last semester. It was about the worst one I’ve had in history. I am glad it is over, but boy howdy did it take the wind out of my sails for a while. I thank God I had some awesomely amazing friends who helped me when I was confused and made me laugh when they thought I was about to…how shall I say it…blow a gasket? Lol. *sigh*

Currently, my endeavors aren’t as rigorous as last fall, but I still have as one person termed it, a ‘brisk’ term. Honestly, the main thing I need right now is to figure out a routine. My lack of one is as zany as anything. I love my current college. I want to see if they have any shirts I can buy because after a while one feels kind of weird wearing a USC shirt with a UNC jacket (b-day present. YAY!) working on an assignment through another university. Something just isn’t right there ya know? Haha.

My iPod is currently playing a tune by Chris Botti from his album, “When I fall In Love.” The music definitely goes with the weather.

This weekend I hope to finish or at least work on my latest computer activity. I’m playing, “Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis.” If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. Thus far it is pretty cool, (However, with this said, we’ll ignore the several mis-spelled words in the welcome screen.). The story goes that this artist is going to steal several of England’s most prized works of art/history and you as Sherlock and Watson must figure out the artist’s next move and head him off (at some point in the game.) At present, we figured out the first thing he was to steal – and steal it he did. To borrow the lyrics of one of my favorite TobyMac songs, “Whoopsie-daisy. Call me crazy-” but I thought we were suppose to stop the robbery, not say…oh…we figured out riiggghht! *sigh* I’m just as puzzled as Dr. Watson.

So there is my current update. I hope it wasn’t tooo random..lol. and until next time – keep keeping it real.