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Alrighty Matey! Today is Friday! WOOT! I like Fridays. Fridays are just fun and cool. One reason being of course that it marks the day for the Movie Quote Blog! = D

Did you figure out last weeks blog by chance? If no, click here to review. If yes, pat yourself on the back and scroll down to see the poster for the movie you pegged by words. No matter which answer you just gave, scroll down a bit more and read the quotes for this coming week. They come from another cool movie. Check it out and leave a comment below as to your guess. I can’t wait to hear from ya! =) I ❤ movie quotes. lol.

[Commenting on the motley group of guests present]
Wife: Oh, ….., I love you because you know such lovely people.

The Thin Man Half Sheet B
The Thin Man Movie Poster
U.S. Half Sheet Style “B” – 28 x 22 inches
Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions

The Thin Man Movie Print Ad
The Thin Man Original Print Ad
(for newspaper publication)

the Thin Man Print Ad
The Thin Man Print Ad
Revival Movie House at Michigan Theater

Note: In looking for the poster for this movie answer, I came across a very cool site dedicated to Thin Man Memorabilia. The three pics above came from that site and I pasted the picture info that they had with each picture. If you’d like to check out the pictures or more Thin Man information, check it out at http://thethinman1934.com/thethinmanotheritems.html

Now The Quotes for Next Week!!! Yay!!

Person 1: “I understand that you think there is some sort…of plague.”
Person 2: “We don’t like to say ‘plague.’”
Person 1: “What do you think it is then?”
Person 3: “A plague.”

Person 1: “He used to be a colonel in the … army, and he gave himself a promotion the day he shot the president. He’s the man who put war back into ‘warlord’.

Person 1: “The Angel Wing Clam…This river is the only place on earth they’re found. When they are under water, they glow in the dark. Now, the amazing thing is – that modern science can not explain why.”
Person 2: “There must be a reason.”
Person 1: “Mmm. Until then my theory is that they do it cause they can.”

Think you know what movie this quotes came from? Leave your comment below! 🙂

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Wish to understand how this Friday blog posting works? I thought you’d never ask! 😉