G’Day Everyone!

I hope this blog finds you in good spirits and looking forward to what the new day and new week will bring. I am really excited about today for some reason….the reason I haven’t found as of yet, but I’m sure I will!

When you think about your schedule this week, offer up a prayer for provision and protection for those who need it. This is the time of year when money gets tight. Families are having their children enter school and as we all know sometimes those school supply lists you pass at Target and Walmart can be a bit long and expensive. And the college semesters are commencing as well. I know several families who’s children…er…excuse me young adults are entering the rooms of a colleges for the first time as we speak. (I know of one mom who’ll be on campus all day fighting lines, traffic, and the absence of decent parking. She knows who she is and I salute her – I’ve also been praying for you girl to get a good parking place both now -and after lunch. Yes, lunchtime is coming and don’t tell me you have more food options than the generic Subway. So help me I might cry!)

On a different note, I have the homepage for my personal site all ready. But I haven’t uploaded it to the net just yet. Have no fear though- when I do upload it you’ll be one of the first five to know! lol.

Going to eat some nutritious lunch and figure out some things for the new season in my life. You know- I actually woke up yesterday with it in my head to wear my long sleeve shirt I bought in the mountains? And it was 80 degrees outside. I don’t know who I was kidding, but I did give it a go -having to change it for a shorter sleeved shirt by midmorning I’m afraid. I tried.

I hope your Monday goes great!
Talk again soon,