Today is a new day! Woot! I’ve got one last free Saturday of the season. Praying about upcoming schedules and all that jazz. Gotta buy my concert tickets for the fair soon too. Can’t wait for that. I’ve got several projects to finish up as well.

As you can see in my last two blogs, I’ve given ya a “Guess that movie quote” kinda blog and answers will follow as the norm on Friday. Also I blogged about a new movie hitting the shelves that was produced by two home-school families who had a dream, were willing to try, and now are sitting with a movie completed – with the help of over 600 extras and men and women in their respective fields who caught a vision. Awesome stuff. If you want more info click here to go to the blog about the finished production….and if you want to guess about the movie quotes click here.

On a flip note, I’m trying to brainstorm a way for my cousin who runs ‘The Peppered Cupcake,” to begin shipping her delectable creations cross county – for the gal had to turn down an opportunity that shouldn’t need to be turned down! lol. Thus, what did we do? The only thing we could- we went to Google and asked some questions. So all of the family’s (and all of The Peppered Cupcake fans) little grey cells are working over time as we’re searching and praying for an idear. hmm..a dash of wisdom I believe the Bible mentions..yep…that’s what I’m praying for!

Thus betwixt the before mentioned and the dubious task of transferring ALL my music to a different hard drive – one click and one song at a time – that is my day. How’s yours?