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Howdy Folksies! (is that how you’d spell that? idk)

I hope this finds you having a great Saturday. Can you believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. Yes, it’s only been a week, but I feel pretty much out of the loop as I know you have (at least a little) as well. *sigh*

ok…my plans are to way catch you up. I missed last Friday’s Movie quote. I had a movie to quote- but I never made the time to get on here and blog about it. Isn’t that an interesting or funny, thing? People say they don’t have time to do something, but really, in most cases, it isn’t that they didn’t have time- they just never made it a priority and took the time. We choose to do something or not. Why do you think my Spanish is still VERY rusty when it comes to verbal communications…or why my piano playing has been forced to take a major stunt in growth over the past three years? I haven’t made the time. I say that I don’t have time, but I do. And as a contemporary to this train of thought, I think your routine is a MVP too. The one thing that I haven’t liked much about this summer is the lack of a set schedule. It makes a grand difference to be sure…and I believe I might have gotten more of my goals or dreams, whichever you prefer, accomplished, had I have been able to keep a set schedule. With a sigh, I don’t think that was completely possible, but hopefully with the changing season, I’ll be able to take back a wee bit more control over that.

Since the last time I wrote: I’ve prayed a lot; I’ve tried to get some understanding of what my fall season will be like; I’ve watched several awesome movies; I’ve (yes, I have to keep it parallel) watched a five hour BBC mini-series [did I just type that on the web? lol] no, really the show was great. It was ‘Wives and Daughters.’ It’s really worth the time investment…albeit, I’d love to do some minor script rewrites cause I think the way one story-line played out was crummy. I do love the time period though. If I ever get the chance to work on a movie set, I’d love to see a period piece like that come to life on the screen…there’s just something awesome about them….ok..where was I…oh yes. next parallel thing I’ve done on a list please!; I’ve found thru family a new (to us) music artist that ya’ll should REALLY check out by the name of Josh Wilson; and I’ve found out about an awesome movie that is hitting stores that was completely put together by two home-schooling family’s called ‘PENDRAGON.’ My mom emailed me the news story and it made my day. I was a.) very proud! and b.) it just made my imagination sour when I hear about people having a dream and then doing it… and maybe I can identify with the circumstances. In any case- I’m very excited and you should be too! lol. The following link tells you about the cool story behind PenDragon’s Production.

So, without waiting any longer, I’m a going to post the results from the last Friday Quote Blog that I did and give you a new one to guess about! And hopefully my days will begin to fall into some sort of consistency and we’ll not have to miss many more Friday quotes. What do you think? I knew you’d approve! ; D

Godspeed Guys!