Hey guys and gals!

I hope your week is going wonderfully! = D

As you know today is the day I normally post the movie quote answer from last week and give ya a new one to try and figure out. Thing is – I’ve been out all day with a dear friend all day and we both sorta forgot about the time. Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a day like that. It felt good! I got boxed in at Sonic (cause their line wrapped around the building and I was parked near the drive thru) and I didn’t mind a bit. We finished eating and then sat there talking until all the impatient people got past..lol. The traffic was crazy. I dare not think about what it is going to be like on the morrow. I will def. need to take some extra B-12! haha

Thus, with this in mind….I haven’t gotten the blog written yet. I’ve got the movie quotes for this week and everything picked and written, but I haven’t had a chance to format it in WP and post it. 😦 I’m sorry for that. But I’ll get it up by weekend’s end hopefully.

Also, be praying with me. Our country has several serious issues on it’s plate at present. (I blogged about that too.) I want to help so badly, but I keep coming back to the fact that the most effective way to help when you don’t know what to do is to pray for wisdom. Find it and act on whatever solution wise council suggests. God knows. After all Solomon’s wisdom came from Him.

Hoping your weekend will be great. I know for several states this is tax-free weekend. I hope you enjoy it and don’t get too stressed out. And I hope God’s peace reigns in your homes and hearts wherever this finds you – be it at a happy moment or a moment when life seems to be hanging in the balance. Ask for God’s strength and guidance. He’ll help you through. Really.

Godspeed and Happy Sales Shopping,