Hey everyone!

I hope your week has been going well! Mine has flown by with plenty of experiences. The oddest of which would include getting to share my office space with your friendly neighborhood 12 inch long lizard. lol…no kidding. and no, he wasn’t invited! And no, he didn’t have a British accent. :p

The day has flown by itself, especially with a lot of national issues weighing heavily on my heart. My heart cries out for something to say or do that could help bring about a solution. A change. A stance. But I’m left thinking still. My mind shifts to images in my imagination about Solomon type wisdom. About perspective. About answers. About standing for what you believe in too. About thinking what is the most important and best for those involved. Our country stands at a crossroads in two different situations. One for the established. One for the vulnerable. Will we listen and stand up like we did when this country was founded – will we stand up for their best interests? I’m not saying be rash or quick to act. But I am saying maybe it’s time for our generations – your generations – to step out of our worlds and seek wisdom. God tells us that wisdom is the most to be treasured. She is to be sought after more than gold and silver. I think we could all agree on this. Maybe if we all unite and seek God’s council and seek out wisdom, we’ll bring peace into the lives of both those now struggling to make ends meat and those who have yet to see the light of day. Consider it. Don’t you think it’s about time we stood up and helped them both survive?

It’s Time to Stand Up, Stand Together, and Seek Wisdom, Let’s Make a Change.