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Ok folks. I spent the whole day at the office. Thus, when I got home late this afternoon, I was tired! I just checked my blog and my calender and guess what?!?! Today was suppose to be link day! = D

I saw all you guys visiting my site and it hit me, I missed that the ‘every other Monday’ was this Monday! 😦 Sorry guys. I might have to start doing links every Monday to keep it straight. We’ll see.

For tonight….please be content with the following sites…and if nothing else check out the ‘sold out’ hotel. WOW. That’s real.

Adobe MAX 2009

This site has me wishing I was there! It’s to the Adobe MAX 2009 conference in Los Angeles in October. When you load the site there is a video that comes on for the conference. It’s fantastic. I love it. I would really love to learn how on earth they do videos like that! Is it Photoshop? Flash? Illustrator? Something else? A combo of one or the other? *emphatically* “Who knows?” *pause* *excited* “WHAT! You do!?” “GREAT – do tell us. Pleaseee!” 😀

Hotel Reservations

Ok…why did I post this link? Well, I’ll tell you. Click the link, scroll down the list of hotels. When you see what is currently the last hotel on the list (Figueroa Hotel) click on the link, ‘Hotel Website.’ I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It’s a REAL hotel. Not a movie set. Not in another country…but right here in the US. Wow. And it was the cheapest on the Adobe MAX 2009 conference pricing! It beat out the other everyday joe hotels. [To borrow from my vast movie quote repertoire, “That’s Heavy.” Is there a gravity problem in the future? (paraphrase)] Betwixt the hotel, the Adobe trip blog, and the conference – this would be one awesomely fun trip! Don’t you agree?

I’ll see if I can’t hook ya up with a few more links on the morrow.

Out of curiosity – Have you ever been to an Adobe MAX conference? We’d love to hear about your experience! Comment below!

Until then, Happy Landings!
Living 4 Real.