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Yes, I know. I can’t believe I’m up at this hour either. But someone has too cause I’m typing this blog! HA. lol.

Today was great. It started by my looking up a site for a friend. The site was for the best seafood in NC. After going on their site this morning, I found myself craving fish. But living no where near the coast, I was stuck. Thus, I tried to ignore my cravings and move on. Well, guess what. God is so nice. When we buzzed in the grocery store, one of us got this notion in their head that they wanted fish for dinner!? haha. I hadn’t opened my mouth about my earlier taste bud thoughts. But it was so cool. Needless to say we hunted down the fixin’ for a seafood dinner. And I do mean hunt. Do you know there was only one kind of frozen hushpuppy at the store?! I was shocked…and it wasn’t the normal southern kind either. I don’t really know which it was. It was good – don’t get me wrong…but sigh. lol. [ For an idea of my fav type of hushpuppy: click here]

We found some breaded tilapia and some (and pretty) green and yellow beans (a.k.a. string beans)

I worked some more on my iWeb project. Building the site is only half the work. Getting the text written is a lot in itself. But it’s pretty neat. I’m thinking I’ll streamline some things and have my main site link to this blog, cause I like the Word Press set up.

The other thing is I’ve been thinking a lot about what I will or want to be doing in the coming months. It’s a funny thing about life. You hear or see things and you either take to them or not. I love what I’m doing and keep getting more and more ideas. But at the same time, I can’t start the new ideas without finishing out the older chapters. And there in lies a conundrum of life. Paul talks about running the race and sticking with what you are doing to the finish. But sometimes when we have been caught in the race for so long, it gets hard not to wish for the seasons to change. That’s why I get happy when I think about Jesus’ mercies becoming new with each morning. I know that when I wake up I can gain a new perspective on things if I just stop and ask.

I’m ready in the natural for a new season to kick off, but somehow, I think maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit. I think if I stick out with my current course of action, I will gain knowledge I will need in the later seasons in life. And when I think about that, I start getting excited again. idk…maybe it’s good to get a bit of a change in your perspective.