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Hiya everybody. It is hard to believe a week has past and another Friday is here! So, I’m guessing I must be having fun somewhere cause they always said, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” lol…that might just be a good topic for another blog!

Last week’s movie quotes (check em out one more time if you wish.) were from a fun current comedy whose main plot was a bit original on the movie side of things. I mean, I can’t readily think of a movie that has been made like it at present. (I always try to think of remakes and originals.) I loved the line, “Here’s looking at you – Elsa” ’cause everyone first thinks of Casablanca…but that ain’t what Bogart said.

Scroll down to see yet another fun quote from the movie in question and then I’ve posted the movie poster. Woot. ***Scroll down a bit more and take a shot at the new quotes I have for ya. I watched the movie last night in search of quotes…and while most of the one-liners in this movie relied heavily on their context, I was able to glean 3 worthy of a Friday Quote of the Week Blog. WOOT! LOL. I hope you enjoy and get a laugh out of ’em.

Guy: “Why do I always fall for the bad girl?”
Girl: “You didn’t know she was a bad girl!”
Guy: “I knew she wasn’t good!”

The Holiday. The story goes two women have bad relationship experiences with the guys they were serious about. So they swap houses, cars – the works for a few weeks. However, running away to a different spot on the map might not be exactly what they had in mind. The film is good, although the characters are not what I’d call too deep. Well, some are some aren’t. lol. But it’s a fun flick to watch sometime as long as you keep the fast forward button at the ready. I will caution you that the film has a few scenes and lines that aren’t needed — it is a chick flick with several scenes containing inappropriate sexual content.

Onward!! Did you get the movie right from this week? Whatcha think? = D I love to hear from you!
Look down a little more and take a guess at the new quotes for this week. I’ll post their answers next Friday.

Person 1: “When are you guys going to stop waking me up every morning?”
Person 2: “When your column stops putting me to sleep!”

Person 1: “ Hey -don’t knock drunk guys in bars – it means they’re not driving!”

Person: “I think the most that anybody can honestly say is, “Look, I guarantee there will be tough times and that at some point one or both of us is gonna want to get out of this thing. But I also guarantee that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life… cause I know in my heart you’re the only one for me.”

Person: “I became a reporter. Not quite a novelist, but as we all know, journalism is literature in a hurry.”

Think you know which movie these four quotes came from? Think you have no clue? Whichever the case may be – take a go at it and leave your guess in comment form below! = D Good Luck!

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Wish to understand how this Friday blog posting works? I thought you’d never ask! 😉