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Good Morning Everyone!

Yes, I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed -even though the midnight oil burned last night as well – albeit not as late as the night before last (the subject of my last blog.)

Today, I have made a discovery that could change or at least enhance this site. You know what it is? Tags! Now, if you are sitting there saying, “Living4Real, you didn’t know about Tags?” Well, I heard a friend talk about them, but I didn’t understand what they were saying. So today, I decided to get on here and see if I could find tags and figure ’em out!

So, If you look to the right side of your screen you should now see the ‘Tag Cloud.’ *sniff,sniff* but they are all the same size. This might be because I haven’t gone back through and put tags on all my blogs yet. (I hope!) 🙂

I hope they make my site easier to navigate! Feel free to give any hints or suggestions!

Keeping it real,