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Ok Everybody – I’m here! Woot. lol. Today has been very eventful to say the least. At least for ideas. I hope after reading this you are able to take something away from here that was helpful and at least smile bringing.

For starters, I know one thing you could take away from this blog started at about ten o’clock last night for me. To give the moral of the story upfront – *GASP* you wouldn’t (I would) lol : When one works on one’s computer on a project one is excited about, that one would be held as wise – if he or she were to place a clock as close to the computer monitor as one could. (yeah…that did have a lot of ‘ones’ in it..But hey, I was trying to make it sound worthy of a moral!) And as an example of what can happen when there isn’t a clock around I give you my experience! (you are free to sigh if you wish). 😉 “What’s the big deal?” did you say…Let me just tell you!

If you refer back to my previous blog, you will undoubtful remember that I was working on a project that challenged my little grey cells (and helped me eat a few extra Animal crackers!). Well, last night, I got the proof submitted and the client gave me back some text changes to finish up the next day (today)…So, around ten o’clock I decided to close my door and work on something on my own that had been simmering in my mind’s eye but had yet to be given freedom – to be specific – a web site idea. Let me fill in the blanks.

Last evening, when I finally got back home and everyone had turned in, my clock divulged that it was around ten o’clock. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am a night person at heart who has learned to live in what I have come to fully believe is a morning person’s world (Anyone agree?). Anyway, when I saw the time I realized a creative opportunity had shown itself. As everything was quiet -even the doggy- I closed the door and turned on my computer and set to work! Now, as some of you might have gathered from a few previous postings, I am getting a bit of coding under my belt. And while I have done a small bit of coding, last night I just wanted to do something a bit more…oh, how should I say it – let’s say lower maintenance on my end of things. Don’t get me wrong, I throughly enjoy coding and I am currently entering the murky (or not so murky) waters of Java (I’ll let you know my outcome.) Since I wanted to get this idea fleshed out and do so in a quick and easy manner, I started developing the site in iWeb.

The improvements and gadgets the Mac folks have added to the iWeb ’09 compared to the iWeb ’08 are great. In fact some might say they were intuitive and way overdue. One such addition is that of the ‘HTML Widget.’ It is great because it allows you to add in certian forms of code and if you wish to write a website like you would in Dreamweaver or notepad or textpad etc., it will allow you to do so. But by using the HTML Widget to build your page you are essentially letting the code take over and render useless the basic simplicity behind the iWeb idea – as iWeb was created for those Webbers who have yet to gain their coding badge. If you are not fimiliar with iWeb, look it up on the web! It’s very interesting. So much so, I really should blog about it one day.]

So, alas, I got absorbed in the world of iWeb and the site I was creating. I tell ya, writing out text can be down right fun and time-consuming. I remembered looking at the clock and being in shock to see it had done a triple luxes from ten o’clock to 1 o’clock. I couldn’t believe the time that had past and I decided to wrap things up. Well, my ‘wrap up’ didn’t finish up until two o’clock. Yes, that’s right – two. When I looked at the clock as I shut everything down, I was shocked way more than the first time. How did it take me another whole hour to do that?! raced through my mind.

So, I’ve come to the whopping conclusion that one must always place a clock next to their computer when working passed…oh, let’s just say sunset and be done with it! lol.

Today went well. Do you know that I still woke up early – even earlier than normal – even after not hitting the hay until after two in the morning? That I still do not understand. But I finished the project for my client and then I got to work a wee bit on my new site idea. I actually have two ideas. One site I finished creating months ago (starting from a blank text editor document up.). This new site I’ve been talking about this evening is great (naw, I’m biased? lol) My goal is that it will be an awesome place to stop and find new things and old things. All I have to do is get my free time organized, type out some world-changing text, and get this puppy uploaded. And be sure my blog readers – when that site is up and running, I’ll post a blog with all the juicy 411 dirt on the subject so you can put your noses to the ground and check it out. I am sure you will be excited and like it as much as I.

Until next time,
oh, and btw – stay dry! 😉