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Well, hello all! Today is another day full of fun surprises, momentary frustration, and peaceful relaxation.

If you read that sentence again you’ll notice that it seems to cover a gamut of life categories. It also explains this blogs title. Let me type a bit more. Last night when everyone had turned in I decided to stay up a bit longer. When I was cleaning the other day I noticed a few journals I didn’t remember and I wanted time to explore them – this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Among them I found a notebook of graph paper. As I was flipping through it, I came across some detailed drawings of a floor plan. The minute I started analyzing it, the memories came flooding back.

Being a person who has had the chance to live in different places, I have come to pick up on different features that I like or don’t like about a house. I chuckled as I perused the sheets because I was viewing my past attempt at building a better house – not a perfect house -but one as close to it as I could get. I’ve also been through the experience of building a house. That time proves to me that you should never build (little pun there) your hopes up for the ‘perfect’ house, but rather an ‘enjoyable’ house. Once all the saw dust has blown away, the chances of you realizing that upstairs closet needed another two inches is VERY possible. 😉

But as some of you might relate too, when you move to a new dwelling, you have to take your cosas (things) and decorate and move them around to fit the new home. That is where my floor plans came in. They in some ways resembled the home we built with a few small – but significant – changes. Whenever you do something or learn something -take notes…see how you would do it differently or detail how you did it. You will never know when days or years down the road, the knowledge you learned will help you solve another conundrum or will act as an important reference source to improve another project.

Onward! I had a project to do yesterday that took nearly the whole day. Most of it ended up being computer work, thus I spent the loads of time sitting in my chair (trying really hard not to slouch), staring at the endless tunnel of my 20 inch monitor. This is where the ‘momentary frustration’ decided to poke its head in. After hitting dead ends several times in a row, I decided to call in my time out and head to the locker room…er…I mean kitchen! I loaded up a nice tall glass of iced water and grabbed the closest snack I could find. And here end I was faced with a dilemma: Iced Animal Crackers or Frosted Animal Crackers. Oh dear. I honestly stood there in puzzlement because by the sound of their names – what the heck is the difference betwixt Iced and Frosted?? lol…I decided to make the next logical choice – I opened both. (I opened both – I didn’t eat both.:D) I now sit here at this blog having no qualms at the difference. Frosted rocks and my other family members are welcome to the Iced. lol.

Now you are wondering where the peaceful relaxation comes into play…you’re sitting there thinking, “Living4real, I see where you got a fun surprise, and I see how you had some frustration and tackled the Animal Crackers Quest – but how on this green planet did you get any rest?” — Glad you asked!

When I sat back down at my computer – which had the courtesy of leaving EVERYTHING like I had previously left it – I needed a diversion. I was now armed with nourishment (such as it was) and a large thirst quencher – but I lacked something that could be a diversion. *knock, knock* That is the sound of an idea hitting me on the head. I put in a classic movie…and the minute the credits rolled, I could feel the relaxation starting. lol.

The movie in question was none other than ‘The Glass Bottom-Boat.’ It’s a fun film to watch in that it has a bit of everything including a great cast for the 60s – 1966 to be exact. Where else will you find comedy Doris Day style coupled with Russian Spies and hors d’oeuvres with antennas? I love the scene where Day and her dad serenade us with the title song and Que Sera Sera. They did great with the song and it def makes you laugh – or smile in the least! In fact, I liked it so much, if you scroll down, you’ll find a treat yourself – a film clip courtesy of someone on YouTube. Enjoy!

So that’s how my day was spliced together amidst fun finds, computer projects, and somewhere in the mix a little relaxation.

If you’d like more info about this movie Go to IMDB! If you’d like to see a promo featurette check it out at TCM’s Mediaroom.

I hope your Monday is looking up! I’ll hopefully be on here tomorrow with another blog of amazingly intersting content!

Until then – have a great evening,