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ok everyone…hello there!

If you are one of those who have been venturing to my site to check out the Friday movie quotes or the amazingly awesome web sites every other Monday, I want to say first off, thank you for your visits. I hope you have found them to be informing, helpful, and down right fun.

As it is, you might have noticed that the times in which I post my blogs varies. Starting this blog has brought a new dimension to my writing world. When I first started blogging here, my first goals were to learn the ropes. Word Press is pretty easy to use – but it requires a great deal of knowledge to be gained. Time has past and while I still am a novice in the Word Press world, I’m starting to understand what is required to keep a blog up and running.

There are so many facets to keep going – like a gear box almost. When a post goes out, word spreads and readers are either gained or lost. One thing I have found to be a deciding factor in this is the value of routine posting. While I have been pretty good at posting on the days in question, the time at which I post them has always been as varying as the color of the M&M you pull out of the candy bag (that is of course if you have an assorted bag – I don’t quite understand selling M&M in packages with one choice only.)

So, my hope in the coming months is to not only continue providing you with fun, insightful posts, but also routinely posted posts. As my life begins to gain momentum and activities increase due to the coming seasons and festivities, I am hoping to take time out and write some other blogs not associated with the Friday and Monday ones. Grant it, movie quotes and web sites are wonderful, but sometimes a person should take time out to tell others about the beautiful daffodils they saw on the street, or the amazing coffee concoction they created at the nearest bistro. I remember something a teacher once said, I’ll never forget it. He said that we should always be taking pictures. We should always be prepared to take them because when we see something that catches our eyes, in that moment, if we take the picture, we might be the only ones to ever see – and ever share – that moment with others. That statement means so much and could be used to talk about many different things. Let’s just say that I’ll keep it in mind as I go through the day and you keep it in mind as you go through yours. Maybe one day we can compare notes.

Until a time where more sunlight can be seen and more energy can be secured,
I wish you a peaceful and restful Friday evening as I hope my blogs will begin to possess a more set posting schedule (I love it when the English say that word!)

Have a good one! 🙂