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Well, it’s Monday! What does that REALLY mean. That is a good question my loyal readers! Monday can mean several different things. It can be the start of our work week, the end of our vacation, the meeting with new opportunities or simply meetings galore, a break from the hectic pace of life, or as this Monday case may be – the day for cool websites to be spotlighted!

Every other Monday I post some of the sites that I have come across over the last few weeks. I try to only doggy ear, if you will, the ones that are just awesome. I also try to get something for everyone. While I mainly like to focus on technology and software and just awesome site designs, you will find me sneaking in shameless plugs for some of my favorite authors and whomever else I feel like should be spotlighted.

SO, without any more adieu, I present you with the following sites that have some way cool design elements. I know it’s Monday, but take five and check out these cool sites – and please – schedule the meetings for next Monday will ya! ; )

Happy surfing!!

A couple of these are not the ‘home pages’ but the page with the design(s) I thought were of interest. The first link is for the music group, ‘The Afters’

The Afters <<< lots of movement. I Like the pulled out drawer effect. Explore and see what happens. I like how they have incorporated the links to their other sites. See if you can find their schedule, Myspace link, or discography. Isn't that cool or what?!

Dale Manning <<<< This is the site for Dale Manning, who designed The After's site. I really like the interface on this one. It looks like a worn journal on an old wood desk. You've got an awesome pen, a sticky note, and an interactive iPod jamming with some Third Day and other artists. Then when you finish reading the way cool graphics journal you're greeted with memory cards and the proverbial coffee stains. Explore is the key to this site!

Coldplay Video Site <<<<< This is a site that has a pop up widow that opens within the page itself when you clicked on a video. (I think it's called a 'frame' [a window inside a window? I think that's the right term.] This is one that has a lot of javascript in it too.

The Idea Den <<<This one is the main page for the 'Idea Den' design company (Dale Manning) based out of Franklin, TN. I like the menu on the home page that showcased the clients/artists because it mimics the way you can browse your music collection in iTunes. Steven Curtis Chapman's site has this feature as well and uses it as a way to navigate to other pages in the site. Check it out here! )

Also, I have a few friends looking to enter the world of Digital Cameras and picture editing. So here are a few cool or awesome sites (whichever you prefer!) to peruse.

ScottKelby.com << This guy is a photographer and Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom aficionado. He has a sense of humor that carries through into his instruction and printed materials and when you walk away from something he has put together – you will know something you didn't know before.

Books by Scott Kelby While I haven't looked too much at this one yet, it looks like it will be a good resource reference. If you aren't sure if a book covers what you are looking for, take it's info and go get a coffee at Barnes & Nobles or check it out of your local library. When you decide you should have bought it – you can find his works on Amazon. 🙂

Photoshop User TV <<This site rocks. It is a 30 minute podcast that Kelby and two other of his cohorts put together. The episodes are free and the information they provide is priceless…well, priceless if you aren't already paying a pretty penny for some Adobe course. If you like to learn new things on your own this podcast is a must have resource. If you like to learn in a group, this can provide you with a good outlet to get those other questions answered. But be forewarned – they have a huge sense of humor that has come to make this show what it is. Without it I'd cry for sure. So, if humor mixed with technology grates on your nerves, my advice is this: take a deep breath, remember life is short, life happens once, and "Life is Good" – then, press play. (You're missing out if you don't!)

*Shameless Plug Moment* I have just been listening to one cool cd. It is called, “El Poder De Tu Amor” and is the Spanish version of Songs4Worship. It’s great! If you are at all familiar with Hillsong’s music, you will feel right at home with this cd – even with the Spanish lyrics. If you don’t know their melodies, then you will be in for a treat. Go ahead – listen to it or see it on Amazon!

So, that's all I've got for today! Let me know what you think by commenting below. =)

*p.s. and don't forget to take a guess at my movie blog here.