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Today was crazy. I worked half the day away. Now, after farm towning for a bit and talking with my good neighbors, I’m in need of some recharge time. Do you know how many idioms we use in English? It’s crazy! If you just thought about saying you were tired and needed to get some sleep, I fully believe – after all my idiom searching – that you could come up with at least 10 different phrases to say. Wanna try it? Feel free, just post a comment. I’ll start you – I’m going to recharge my battery. lol.

So, considering I am about to fall out of my chair and just ‘get some shut eye’ on the floor under my desk, I’ll make this short and sweet. Today I got to listen to a cd that my library got in. It is amazing! It is an all Spanish cd put out by integrity. I loved it! Because most of the songs I have from Hillsong…so the melody is the same – but the words are a wee bit different. So cool! If you check out my links page, I added a few of the artist’s sites that I looked up and enjoyed hearing. I’m still searching for a few.

On a different note, have any of you signed up for the iTunes Festival for a trip to London for two-for the July 31st event? I saw it tonight on Facebook and started dreaming. Think about it a.) A free trip to London… b.) that is combined with the complete theme of all things Apple! That would be priceless my friends…ok…maybe not as big as going to hang out with the Beatles, but you know….you take what comes your way. The only problem is that they are only giving away two tickets. If I won, I’d already have about five people camping out on my doorstep, and that doesn’t even count you! lol. so you see, I doubt I’d be able to go, but it’s a dream. If you happen to be the winner (deadline for entry is in the next day or too!!) could you take a few snapshots for me?? I’d love that.

Have any of you been to London? Is it big? There was a comment in a movie I watched last night that made me think it has grown a lot. Brandon Heath has a song called London, guess I’ll have to go change my desktop wallpaper and play that song now..lol.

Before you go though, please check out the post before this about the movie quote!!! It will be the third one. You can look at the previous ones, but do and type out your educated guess as to the quotes origin. So what if you don’t get it right! If you type out your guess you’ll be closer to getting it right than if you don’t! = ) no?

Hasta Luego, (Until Later)