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Well, today is Friday people! You know what that means??? do ya? do ya? DO YA?? (little Dory humor going on) Anyway – that means that tomorrow is the weekend WOOOOOOT!!!

Can you say that I am enjoying this little vacation to the hilt! I am. Let’s see..hmm…updates. Well, thanks to my wonderful friends Ms. Jill and Amy, I am now joining them in the wonderful addiction of ‘Farm Town.’ Yes, that’s right. It’s a game that is similar to SimFarm from the 90s – one of THE best Sim games EVER made that NEVER got an updated version. The reason for that I’ve never understood. So yeah…and like my uncle knows, the first evening I spent on Farm Town, I went broke. that’s right. you heard it. lol….SO I started hiring out my plowing know how and built my money up slowly..although I still don’t have THAT much. I keep reminding myself that I’ve only been an addict to the game for three days…but it hasn’t helped much. haha. And the musica is fabulous! I love it. Isn’t that crazy??? oh well, can’t be helped.

So, yesterday, I spent the afternoon outside. I figure I should start getting that sun tan started seeing how my Dad and Amy are WAY showing me up on that end. lol. I spent 40 minutes out there and loved it. The first twenty I started my JAVA book and taking notes. So far so good with it! It’s really fun…I mean where else would you read about Jane Jetson and Rosies business relationship and chore list??? I ask you!! lol. The guy writing this book has a grand sense of humor and it’s making the read quite fun.
Then I listened to my iPod for the last 20 minutes. It was great as well.

So, today, after I tally up my hours I am going to work in the yard a bit I think. My flowers need me -and no, I am actually talking about the REAL ones and not the Farm Town ones.

Hope you’re Fridays are all you want them to be!
Love to hear about ’em – just comment below.
p.s. you know…I think I really should write a poll or quiz of some sort..hmmm. lol.

p.s.s. Check out the film quote post as well if you haven’t already!! Do YOU know what movie the quotes come from?? Take a guess!!! Later today I’ll post the answer with another fine film from the digital screen. Adios Amigos!