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So! Another week – Another NEW quote! YEAH! 🙂

Did you guess right last week? If you look below, I have reposted ONE of the two quotes from last Friday, just to jog your memory. Then, after the quote I will unveil the movie!

After you read up on the film, scroll down a bit more and you’ll see the new quotes for this week. Yes, there are more than two, but this can’t be helped! They are from one of my all time favorite films – can you guess their origin?

Happy Guessing!

Answer to last week’s quote question:


Person One: “I wasn’t made to dance”
Person Two: “Do you like to dance?”
Person One: “Yes.”
Person Two: “Then you were made to dance”

Take the lead Take the Lead is a film about dancing – but more than that, it is about learning to trust and believe in yourself – and helping others around you believe with you. Antonio Banderas stars as a ballroom dance instructor for the children of the deeper pockets in town. One night, after a competition, he watches as a young man takes a bat to a car. After the kid runs off, Banderas goes over and picks up an id badge that fell out of the car – a badge belonging to the principal of a local school on the other side of town. Intrigued as to why the boy would do such a thing, he goes to visit the school and to speak to the principal. What follows is one man’s attempt at helping those around him. He finds a place where he could really help, and he does something about it. When he asks for the opportunity to teach the students dancing – something that he feels helps in many areas of life -the principal assigns him to the detention students, located in the basement. She makes him a bet that he will not return to the school the next day. He takes her up on it. And we see what can happen when we help others see their choices and the tiny glimmer of belief flickering inside them.
I will note that the students and Banderas make a music compromise – combining his Sinatra style with their hip-hop style. Thus, for several of the songs in the background, the lyrics are a bit off. Also, as with the style of several of the dances, the dancing is a bit mature and there is a limited vocabulary throughout.

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Alright Everyone!! Moving on to the new quote question of the day: Do you know the movie?

“Why not just kill them? I’ll do it. I’ll run up to Paris. Bam, bam, bam, bam. I’m back before week’s end. We spend the treasure – HOW IS THIS A BAD PLAN?”
“Death is too good for them.”

First Person: “By the way, ….(he) is the best knife fighter I’ve even seen.”
Second Person: “Perhaps you should get out more.”

“I am a priest, not a saint.”

“I am still your man … I swore an oath. I will protect you *pause* even if it means I must protect you from yourself.”

Leave your answers and next week, we’ll just see how many of you were right! Happy Searching! 😉

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