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Howdy All!

Alrighty, did you figure out the movie quote from last Friday?? Here it is one more time. Then look under that and you’ll find the movie poster with a bit about it AND the quote to figure out for next week.

Announcer: *ahem, cough, cough* And the movie that made the following quotes possible –

Quote 1: No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices.

Quote 2: We can not defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.

Is….*brief pause* *Drumroll* …..Goodnight and Goodluck!”

Goodnight and Goodluck follows the career of Edward R. Murrow in his quest for real news reporting. While McCarthy’s activities of searching and sentencing purported communists in the US are in full swing, Murrow and all of news land are forced to only report on the lighter side of life. Fed up, Murrow decides to act on how he feels news should be reported – He felt the reporter’s job was to report the facts of the situation and let the viewers decide their own stance. What unfolds is an intense journey revealing how Murrow brought about a change in how the world heard the news.

I enjoyed this movie. It’s done in black and white and I think that simply adds to the overall tone and feeling of the film. This is one of those movies that when I turned it on, I don’t think I said a word until the credits rolled. The script – excluding a few poorly chosen exclamations was rock solid (which how did they even get in the pg film I ask?). Casting was great – David Strathairn nailed his part. There is an event that might hit pretty close to home for some people, but other than that…I’d put this film in my top ten. hmm…imagine making a movie night out of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Goodnight and Goodluck. lol…that’d be inspirational!

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Now, for next week a test of your knowledge:

What film did this quote come from??

Quote: “I wasn’t made to dance”
“Do you like to dance?”
“Then you were made to dance”

Quote: “These kids have been dancing for years. And there is a whole city more who are better than they are.”
“Yeah so what are we suppose to do?”
“Surprise them. Everyone competing expects nothing, nothing from you. So you have nothing to lose – except everything you have achieved so far. Look, I’m being honest with you. Competing on any level is tough, and good dancers make it look easy. So, what we have to focus on right now isn’t winning or losing, but doubting. If you aren’t sure, then sit down, just stay home. But if somewhere you see a dot, a glimmer of belief in yourselves, then you may have what it takes to win.
“You really think so?”
“Oh, yes. It’s the strongest secret weapon there ever was.”

Leave your answers and next week, we’ll just see how many of you were right! Happy Searching! 😉

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Wish to understand how this Friday blog posting works? I thought you’d never ask! 😉