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Good Day to ya!

I hope this email finds you enjoying your new week and that things are going swimmingly. Check out what awesome, cool, noteworthy web pages I’ve got for today. Remember, check back every other Monday for more sites you can add to your bookmarks. Enjoy!

The below links are pretty awesome. The first one is a case study on how an “Industry-leading developer creates realistic flight simulation applications with the help of Adobe Photoshop® CS4 Extended software.” In other words, they are taking some of the features in Photoshop Extended and making flight simulation look a lot more realist. The link takes you to the pdf article (and it has pictures!! YEAH!)


This second link takes you to the gallery or portfolio page for some kind of motion graphics plug-in. Don’t ask me how I found this site cause I have no idea! but it is full of videos.

http://www.trapcode.com/gallery.html << If you scroll down to the video entitled PSYOP, you might recognize it as a coca-cola commercial from tv.

http://www.trapcode.com/products_particular.html << This link is for a different plug-in but shows you the effects, like snow or smoke.