Well, I don’t know about you but today was a long day for me. I am finished with my poster/flyer/logo projects for the most part. I am really excited to get that completed. Now, a friend of mine and I are starting on a board project where we have to present the major activities of a non-profit on a large felt board. I am really excited about it and can’t wait to see the finished project. My friend is great at making a poster draw your eye, so I can’t wait to see what the group of us can accomplish juntos (together).  By the by, I am learning Spanish (Español). Thus explaining my tendency to suddenly break out into song…no…err…I mean Spanglish! If you speak Spanish and see something that I could improve, feel free to speak up…right now I am simply trying to learn the language one step at a time, so I know my typing and speaking skills are not…how would they say it, “Spot on!”

Also today, we organized the print materials in a coherent order and labeled the folders. It was a woot because we had to write them in Spanish. Well, how much space did a hanging file folder label have last time you checked? Exactly. If you have taken any course in Spanish, one thing you might have noticed was the sentence construction is very different from English. In English, if we were talking about a car across the street and had to describe it’s color,  we’d say, “that red car?” Well, in Spanish, we’d say, “that car red.”  So we wouldn’t say, “John’s book.” …in spanish, we’d say, “The book of John.” Spanish doesn’t use possessive! Hey – this is great news to those of us who placed possessives (those pesky apostrophes) on our middle school enemy lists. However – this said- it also means that things that we write in English that are rather short can be rather long in Spanish. So as we read the materials and figured out what they were about (remember they are written in complete Spanish), we tried coming up with short precise label names. Let’s just say that we were maxing out all the label writing room we had.

Anywho, I was heading home from work late in the afternoon and decided to stop by a store and pick something up. For me, when I shop I always have certain areas of a store that I make sure I walk by…just in case there is something there I can’t live without. [This now explains my ‘books’ page on here – yes, I know it’s now empty…I’m working on that! ;)] Well, today I got a second blessings…”What was the first one you ask?” Ok, I’ll start at the beginning:  You see, two days ago, I ran in a bookstore really quickly to pick something up. They were busy, so I tried to cut across all the aisles, looking for those with little or no patronage. I decided to cut across one aisle that had a lone lady sitting on the floor scanning a book. Seeing how I could relate to her entirely, I looked in her direction to say “hi” as I walked passed. However, an “ahh” moment occurred for me, for out of the corner of my eye, I spied a book that looked familiar….a book that was of a slight shade of purple, having the image of water glistening under a white moon, and two pairs of feet facing each other on the sand…the book also had a low bargain price label in the top right corner. I had stumbled down the bargain aisle! The book was resting on the top shelf, right above the lady’s head. Well, I was in a hurry, so as I walked by, I slowed down my fast pace in order to grab the book. The lady looked up from her read and apologized for sitting in the floor directly in my pathway. I laughed and said with a big smile, “Don’t worry about it! I can so relate!” She laughed in turn and as she went back to her book reading, I reached over her head and picked up the last copy of ‘Fiesta Moon’ by Linda Windsor. I was thrilled. The book is in perfect condition and quite frankly I don’t understand why or how it could have been there because the book…shoot…the whole three book series is fantastic. Great summer reading if you ask me. So, now I am the proud owner of two copies of the second title in the set. Now I have a loaner or either a present. I can’t decide which…but I think I know which my friends will prefer.

Onward to today. I stopped in to this store to pick something up and lo and behold as I was – again – rather briskly walking the store – I made my round to the bargain section, secretly hoping to find the first book in the Moonstruck series (the before mentioned). While I didn’t see that book, I did spy a book with a cover that looked vaguely familiar to me. I actually walked passed it and then thought, “hmmm” and had to back up! I read the author’s name and the information triggered my little grey cells. About a month ago, we took a road trip to the mountains. While there, we stopped in to shop at this two story Christian bookstore. (*sigh*) Anyway, they had a fiction area that for me was like walking into a fudge shop with every variety and brand. Almost every current author was there with hundreds of titles in stock, lined up on a floor to ceiling bookcase that lined the wall. It was fantastic – except that all the books were cover price, which sent my budget and pocket book in search of a keyless inside lock. I remember getting out my notepad and writing down all the info on the books that caught me adventurous eye. My intention was to request the titles through my local library. (I’m a savvy reader what can I say?) However, with my job and the things going on right now, I never made it to the library to search for or request the titles. So, with this history in mind, guess what I found uniquely sitting with it’s cover facing out in the bargain section??? I ask you. It was one of the books that I saw in the mountains! It’s also in perfect condition and I am floating on cloud nine! Now, you might be wondering, “Well, what’s it about, who wrote it????” I am sorry to say that I don’t like to recommend books that I’ve never read. So, you will just have to wait on my verdict. lol. I promise I’ll blog something about it and update this post with the book’s info-if-it proves to be as interesting and intriguing as the cover art and synopsis lead it to be. So now you see why my book reading heart is thrilled. I consider that a God kinda blessing for me cause it was a. something happy just out of the blue and b. it was in my current price budget! WOO HOO for nice blessings no?

So here I sit here typing this post. I am very happy that the day is coming to a close. With the hot weather we are having, being outdoors for a while really is a wilting experience. When I got home I was hot, tired, tired, hot, and out of it. I wasn’t hungry and it was already two hours after when we normally eat dinner. I knew I was all sixes and sevens because of the energy zapping weather. So, to accompany our dinner, I made us a natural limeade. It was really refreshing – especially  after an over 100 degree day. I started making the limeade a few weeks ago at the suggestion of a friend. When I finally came in the house, after another long hot day and after standing in the driveway – in direct sunlight – talking on the cell phone for over thirty minutes, my stomach got really queasy – I overheated. A family member was on the phone with before mentioned friend and asked if they knew of anything that would help. By this time, I had reached my Pepsi and cracker eating limit. Our friend said to drink lime juice and ice. So, that’s what we did and I was right as rain in about fifteen minutes – without ever “placing my face in a place it should never be.” I was thrilled. Not only was I feeling great, but I have found a new ice sorbet/drink to prepare. So now it’s a family favorite. I peel a whole lime or two, depending on how you like it to taste, some whole ice, a wee bit of water, and a nice amount of raw sugar. It tastes brilliant! Thus ended our long day. It was pleasant though. We watched an episode of one of our favorite tv shows which always proves to be relaxing….it makes me wish I lived in Scotland that’s for sure! lol. I guess now that my blog is ending and after I catch up on some other letters I have to write, I will have to decide what to do next. hmm…maybe I’ll go and make us a homemade frappachino…MMM-mmm. 😉

May peace reign in your life,